Google maps to

Google maps TO is the name of my first WordPress plugin.

It’s a simple plugin that will show a map on a post/page that contains google_map_latlng in the ”Own Fields”. google_map_latlng should be the name and value should be Latitude,Longitude so for example value -12.9703817,-38.5123820 to show a map of Salvadore in Brazil.

Reason for me doing to plugin is that I needed a simple map for my sites that I have today and I didn’t really like to type in address since there is a limit for the number of geocode request that your account at Google will handle.

I will hopefully soon release version 1.2 that will include a function to convert an adress to Latitude and Longitude.

Here will be more information when the application has been published on WordPress Plugin site.

To read more and download this wordpress plugin visit Google Maps To


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