Warning Tong Chai Tours in Bangkok

Warning of Tong Chai Tour in Bangkok

We stayed at Prince Palace Hotel on the 10-12’th of October 2011. Its a good upscale hotel with good food, good service and in the middle of Bangkok.
No complains there.

On the 11’th we talked to the limostand about trips we wanted to do. We bought one trip to go on Bangkok river. During the salesprocess the person said if we needed any more travel/trips we should talk to them.

So we did. BIG MISTAKE.

They had trips down to Koh Lanta. Where we were goingon the 16’th of Oktober (after our trip to Vietnam).

So we went to Tong Chai Tours and talked to Somyat Charoensilp (Ding) about getting us two bustickets to Koh Lanta.

He wanted to sell us bustickets for ordinary 32 seat bus for something like 1700 bath / person. But we wanted 24 seats. Ding tried to persuade us to take the 32 seats, saying that not alot of busses went to Krabi which was 24 seats, it was more expansive.

But we stood our ground and said we wanted seats on the 24 seat bus. Reason is that I have a bad back so I don’t want to sit to cramped and also must be able to rest properbly.

So Ding ”booked” tickets for us on a 24 seats bus. Prices was 2400 bath / per person. Even tought we THought the price was high, we just wanted everything solved before we left to Vietnam. So we paid and went back to Prince Palace Hotel.

On the 16’th we got to Tong Chai Tour in Bangkok about 16.30 and left by car to some place near Khosan ROad where we waited until 18.30. And then after that we want to Bangkok Southern Busterminal (Sai Tai) where our guides bought us tickets.
This was after we had said and showed him that we paid for 24 seat VIP bus.

The guide gave us the tickets and said wait here bus will arrive at 20.00. And then they left.

But only ordinary buses arrived at 20.00 and it seemed that we got an ordinary busticket for 2400 bath / person.

Some of the other passengers which we talked to (that went with the same car as we did) also felt cheated since they paid for service/seats which they didn’t get.

I have called up Tong Chai Tours and we will see what they will do for a refund. When we buy something we buy it because we want it or we need it. We didn’t need seats onthe 32 seats bus.

So we expect 100 % refund.

When we were at Tong Chai Tours we told them No thanks to the 32 seat bus and was about to leave since he couldn’t get us seats on 24 seat bus. But then he made a call to book on 24 seats bus (even though it cost more etc etc).

So we are not sure if they acctually made the reservation on 24 seat bus but just took the ordinary tickets and hoped that we wouldnt make a fuss about it.

But I will contact Prince Palace Hotel and also make ALOT of posts regarding the shitty service we got from Tong Chai Tours. Never again are we going to use that company for any trips.

And I hope that you don’t use them either.

It’s much cheaper booking directly at the busstation and you will get the same service as we got from Tong Chai Tours. But you will save approx 1200 bath / person ;).
Same thing goes with the tours they provided us with. Alot of money for the boattrip but without any service.

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4 svar till Warning Tong Chai Tours in Bangkok

  1. Bangkok Sightseeing skriver:

    obviosly you learned something. And maybe it helps some others:
    never pay something in Thailand in advance.

    2400 Baht is quite a lot in terms of Thai average incomes. The temptation to take something out of such an amount for ones own pocket is just too big.

    Even for the provision the guy would wait for sure and you can feel save an travel on a vip bus next time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. istanbul tours skriver:

    We booked a Bangkok day tour with Thai Private Tour Guide. Thanks goes to guide for a great day out in Bangkok, visiting temples and markets to get a feel for the city and learn it’s rich history. Right from the booking process it was very easy to arrange www. privatetoursinistanbul .com once greeted us for the day, we felt like she’d really take care of us. We had a range of experiences, even using every transportation means available so we knew the lay of the land on subsequent days. There were temples, a boat tour and walk through a market. he wasn’t just a chauffeur; she explained the history, symbolism and significance of places we visited and aspects of Bangkok and Thailand in general.

  3. Raymond Horsey skriver:

    I was in Bangkok in September/October 2012 and made the mistake of booking through Tong Chai Tours, however whilst I was overcharged for my ticket to Chaing Mai I immediatelyso I wrote to Mr Suraphon Svetasreni, Deputy Governor,Tourism Authority of ThailandBANGKOK and after some for months of many emails, Mulan Yindee of Tong Chai Tours accepted an error had been made and the matter is now resplved. FURTHER the Bureau of Prevention and Assistance in Tourist Fraud, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Thailand also took an active interest in the matter. So there is a way out in respect of this type of operator.

  4. Christian skriver:

    Hello togehter,

    we booked last friday in an ”official” Tourist Information a bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap. We payed 2300 Baht, got a minibus to the border! We must pay 30 Euro for Visa and when you not buy ticket with taxi after border you must wait for annother bus four hours later! So we payed 800Baht again to be moved with the others by taxi.
    Some passengers with us told us they bought the taxi ticket for 260 Baht per person at the terminal in Bangkok!

    So look the recipient and better you watch out to a real alternative with some public transportion we had red before,too. :-)

    Never buy from someone who come to sell to you.



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